About My Retail Network
Retail Network

My Retail Network (MRN)is a new way to shop online. We wanted to design a shopping place so people could navigate through online stores quickly and easily. With MRN you can custom build your homepage with your favorite stores so that you can access them all in one place without having to search for multiple websites. We also have added the most popular websites in the market to the homepage making them accessible to all users. 

MRN can be used in two ways: Searching online stores or by particular items/products. We have stockpiled thousands of products and their merchants on one website making it easy to find the items you need. When searching for products you will find that many websites offer the same products. Now you will be able to compare the prices when you search to make sure you are getting the best deal online.

MRN has future plans to expand our website making it a one stop shopping place for people around the world. We value our users feedback and encourage them to contact us for any and all reasons. Please, let us know how we can make your online shopping experience a good one.